by Jessie Maple (2019)

Jessie Maple has a well-deserved reputation as a leader for Black women's rights and independent film advancement. Her first book, How to Become a Union Camerawoman, shared her journey of becoming the first African-American woman to join New York's camera operator's union. Her trailblazing accomplishments in the film industry include recognition as the first Black woman to write and produce a full-length film independently. While many have chronicled Maple's significant contributions to the industry, none have captured the moments of her career that are most meaningful—the people, the crew, the family she assembled. The Maple Crew picks up where her debut title left off, offering a personal account of her experiences after the outcome of her discrimination appeal against a news network and the years that followed. Jessie Maple draws readers in by providing a candid glimpse into the episodes that were known as her life.

Published by Jessie Maple and EvyDani Books, LLC                                Paperback / 129 pgs

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