March 1999

Since 1976, The Independent has been the leading source of information for independent, grassroots, and activist media-makers, providing inspiration and information for their films and video projects, as well as creating connections to the larger independent media community. Founded as a nonprofit organization in 2007, Independent Media Publications inherited the rights to the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers’ (AIVF) publications, including The Independent Film & Video Monthly and several books. 

Metrograph's collection includes the March 1999 issue of The Independent Film & Video Monthly, with the cover story devoted to director St. Clair Bourne, subject of a recent retrospective at Metrograph. Additional contents include: "It's a Dong Deal" on documentary filmmaker Arthur Dong and self distribution; "Elusive Memories, Modern Myths: The Films of Jay Anania"; profiles of Celia Dougherty and Peggy Ahwesh; and more.

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