A monumental achievement, The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceauşescu tracks the rise and fall of the infamous Romanian dictator through his own propaganda footage. Writer and director Andrei Ujică, along with editor Dana Bunescu, crafted over 1,000 hours of official state broadcasts and intimate home movies into a three-hour tour-de-force that depicts how Ceauşescu created the country in his own image, regardless of the cost to its citizens. His rapid ascent to power is aided by rubber stamp parliamentary meetings and celebrated in garish visits to Communist allies including North Korea. A hero in his own mind, Ceauşescu is combative, vain, and unquestioningly in control.

This "brilliant documentary" (The New York Times) shows the brutal psychology of a dictator, a narcissism in which his subjects are seen but never heard. That is, until their off-screen discontent results in revolution, and Ceauşescu is left muttering denials of his life and his crimes.

2010 / Color & B&W / 180 mins / Romanian with English Subtitles

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