Requiem For the Living Picture
by Joe Carducci

The book traces the development of action film Acting after the Westernmakers went west before 1910. The realism of late 19th century Actualities continued into the Westerns of the 1910s which featured cowboys and Indians born before the closing of the frontier in 1890. This new untheatrical style of acting developed within the 2nd unit culture of the action genres into the sound era by John Wayne and others, until a Montgomery Clift took training from stuntman Richard Farnsworth for Red River, and a Marlon Brando spent his downtime on One-Eyed Jacks studying Ben Johnson. Finally Carducci looks at the cultural collision of the sixties and seventies as Manhattan cinephiles reject the style triumphant in the careers of Bronson and Eastwood.

Published by Redoubt Press
Paperback / 422 pgs

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