Screen Education was one of the foremost journals working in the area of media and cultural theory during the 1970s. Along with its sister journal, Screen, it introduced important work in the newly-emergent fields of film and television theory, representation and the image, and in discourses around women and minorities. In particular, it paid close attention to the educational rationale for such work, in a series of major articles on pedagogy and the institutions of education in Britain.

(in good condition unless otherwise marked)

Autumn 1972, No. 4: Articles include-Film and English Studies at Berkshire College of Education; Film and Television Studies at Stockwell College of Education; Film and Examination, and more. (NOTE: The back and front covers of this issue have fallen off, it is in otherwise good condition.)

Winter 1972, No. 5: Articles include-Two Proposals for Film Courses; Inner London Education Authority Film Study Course for Sixth Form Students; Film Education in Yugoslavia, and more.

Spring 1973, No. 6: Articles include-Film and Modern Languages; Film and French Studies; Stockwell College of Education; The Use of Film in the Teaching of History, and more.

Summer 1973, No. 7: Articles include-Hollywood and American Studies; Mythic Knowledge and its Mediation in American Cinema; Studying the Stars' Film in the Context of American and (Commonwealth) Arts, and more.

Autumn 1973, No. 8: Articles include-An Account of the Second Term of the ILEA Film Study Course for Sixth Formers and an Assesment of the Course; Reflections on the ILEA 6th Form Film Course; ILEA Film Study Course-Its Education Assumptions; Young Screen 1973, and more.

Spring-Summer 1974, No.10-11: This special double issue includes: CSE Film Study: Problems and Approaches, Pt 1: The Context, Pt 2: Experience and Reflection, Pt 3: The Subject Field. Pt 4: Syllabus Proposals, and more.

Spring 1975, No. 14: Articles include-Media Studies- Methods and Approaches; James Halloran: Understanding Television; Television and the People: Access, Participation and Assimilation, and more.

Autumn 1975, No. 16: Articles include-Teaching the Film Industry; Theories and approaches- a critical review; 'Singin in the Rain'; Teaching 'Film as Industry'- two accounts; The Education Cuts, and more.

Winter 1975-6, No. 17: Articles include- 'The Searchers': Materials and Approaches; Teaching through Authorship; Teaching through Genre; Critics and 'The Searchers', and more.

Autumn 1978, No. 28: Articles include-Gramsci; Bourdieu; The Currency of the Photograph; Reading and Realism; Communication Studies; Film: Audience; May '68, and more.

Winter 1978-9, No. 29: Articles include- Rock and Sexuality; Looking at Pornography; Class, Gender, Women; The Value of Reproduction; Narrative; Renovating English Lit; Reading TV, and more.


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