PERIODICAL: FILM JOURNAL (Melbourne, 1961-2)

Film Journal was published in Melbourne, Australia, edited by James Merralls and Brian Davies, and featured film reviews and criticism with a political bent. Metrograph's collection includes two issues of Film Journal from 1961 and 1962; they are used and unmarked, though No. 17 has some tearing and damage to the cover. For inquiries regarding specific issues, please email bookstore@metrograph.com.


No. 17, April 1961. Contents include: Ian Jarvie, "Sociology and the Film Critic"; Denis Horne, "The Free Cinema Hoax"; reviews of Les Cousins, Wild Strawberries, and Look Back in Anger; and more.

No. 19, April 1962. Contents includes: a conversation with François Truffaut; Denis Horne, "Documentary in Decline"; reviews of La Dolce Vita and The Magician; and more.

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