Cinema, a quarterly magazine published in Cambridge, UK, under the editorship of Stephen Crofts and Noel Purdon, features scholarly works and shorter treatments of classic and essential films. Metrograph's collection includes three selections from 1969-1971; all are used and show their age, though are in otherwise good condition. For inquiries regarding specific issues, please email bookstore@metrograph.com. 


No. 3, June 1969. Contents include: Peter Wollen, "Hitchcock's Vision"; Raymond Durgnat, "Brain Drains: Drifters, Avant-Gardes & Kitchen Sinks"; Stephen Crofts on Jean-Luc Godard; and more.

No. 8, 1971. Contents include: Raymond Durgnat, "Les Preverts"; Geoffrey Brown on The Marx Brothers; reviews of Olmi and Morrissey; and more.

No. 9, 1971. Contents include: Paul Hammond on Méliès; Robert Mundy, "Curtiz, Freund, Florey"; an interview with Kubelka; a rundown of Cannes 1971; and more.

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