The charismatic, surly son of a wealthy industrialist, Clément (Jean-Louis Trintignant) leads a double life as a member of a right-wing extremist organization. When he’s ratted out after a failed assassination attempt on a prominent politician, Clément and his long-suffering wife Anne (the luminous German screen siren Romy Schneider) flee Paris to the idyllic country home of his childhood friend, pacifist print-maker Paul (Henri Serre). As affection blossoms between Paul and Anne, the emotional as well as political tensions soar and eventually explode. 

DVD includes: "France 1961": a 2010 short film by Alain Cavalier; rare behind-the-scenes photos, including images from the archive of Louis Malles; exclusive booklet with text by Pierre Lhomme and a new essay by film critic Elliot Stein

1962 / B&W / 104 mins / In French with optional English subtitles

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