Among the many films that Chantal Akerman (1955-2015) made over forty years, four documentaries stand out. Beginning with From the East filmed across Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall- "If this isn't a masterpiece, tear the word from your dictionary." Stuart Klawans, The Nation- through South and From the Other Side, two films shot in the United States as relevant and impactful today as when first released, to her epistolary Down There, from Tel Aviv (released here for the first time in North America), Akerman's documentaries combine her formal discipline with engagement and empathy.

From the East: A journey from the end of summer to the deepest winter, across Eastern Europe to Moscow.

1993 / Color / 110 mins

South: An evocation of how the brutal murder of James Byrd, Jr. in Jasper, Texas, fits into a landscape as mental as it is physical.

1999 / Color / 70 mins

From the Other Side: The flow of illegal immigration to San Diego has largely been blocked, but for the desperate, there are still the dangerous deserts of Arizona.

2002 / Color / 99 mins

Down There: Akerman spends a month in Tel Aviv, in an apartment by the sea, contemplating her family, her Jewish identity and her childhood.

2006 / Color / 78 mins

DVD box set includes: Chantal Akerman, From Here, an hour long conversation with Chantal Akerman about her films and her directorial philosophy; a 16 page booklet with new essays by Jonathan Rosenbaum and Amy Taubin.

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