(Orson Welles, 1948)
Ultra Collector Blu-ray Box + DVD + Book

With The Lady from Shanghai, actor-director Orson Welles produced an irresistible work which is as much film noir as adventure film. Rita Hayworth (Gilda) is splendid as the poisonous femme fatale. Brilliant and dismissive of many of the codes of classic Hollywood cinema, The Lady from Shanghai proves once again the genius of Orson Welles. Sublime new 4K restoration.


4K Restoration Blu-ray and DVD Supplements:

- Conversation with Peter Bogdanovich and Lauren Bouzereau
- Commentary from Orson Welles biographer Simon Callow
- Director Henry Jaglom on his first encounter with Orson Welles
- Trailer

Book "Mirrors of a Film: 'The Lady from Shangahi' by Orson Welles features American and French press reviews, testimonial from producer and director William Castle, an analysis from scholar Frank Lafond, exclusive interviews with Dominique Antoine, Darius Khondji, and Nicolas Saada, and 50 archival photos. 

Exclusive artwork by Jonathan Burton.

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