RAMS at Metrograph

In celebration of the Rams run at Metrograph, we are offering three tie-ins to this film.


Dieter Rams x Field Notes
Field Notes' simple 3-pack owes its color scheme to a range of Dieter Rams' iconic products, most notably the Braun T3 Transistor Radio from 1958 and includes his famous Ten Principles of Good Design on the inside cover. The interiors feature light grey Dot Graph paper and the covers have been hit with a soft-touch varnish for feel and production. 

Helvetica/Objectified/Urbanized: The Complete Interviews by Gary Hustwit - SIGNED
If you enjoyed the films, now you can get the full stories and the full context. Even if you haven't seen the films, you'll be inspired by some of the most innovative minds on the planet, and you'll get a better understanding of how design affects our lives. Creativity, graphic design, typography, architecture, cities, technology, visual communication, product design, consumerism, transportation, street art, modernism, post-modernism, sustainability... they're all part of these conversations.
The book is a 736-page high-quality paperback, designed by Build, published 2015.

Rams Tote Bag
Made for Gary Hustwit's film on Dieter Rams, this tote bag features a print of the Transistor Radio in white on black canvas.

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