FILM 70/71 (1971)
An Anthology by the National Society of Film Critics
Out of Print

Per Editor David Denby: "In recent years The National Society of Film Critics has become a larger and broader group; there are now twenty-two members, as against the original twelve of 1966. The intentions of this fourth volume of Society criticism, however, remain the same as ever: to present a cross section of critical opinion on the most interesting films of the year, reflections on certain emerging trends, genres, and moods, and a sampling of the work of individual critics." Includes a list of the Society's 1970 "Award" winners; Best Picture was M*A*S*H*.


Contributions include: 
Andrew Sarris, "Zabriskie Point
Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., "Gimme Shelter"
Pauline Kael, "Burn!"
David Denby, "The Wild Child"
Jay Cocks, "Performance"
And more...

Published by Simon and Schuster in 1971
Paperback / 319 pages / like new

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