Edinburgh Film Festival

The Edinburgh Film Festival produced a series of monographs during the 1970s, now all more difficult to find. This softcover monograph on director Jacques Tourneur was published on the occasion of the 1975 Edinburgh Film Festival and includes writing by Claire Johnston and Paul Willemen among others. 


This auteur study resists the traditional efforts of auteurists to establish a coherent thematic and instead celebrates the inherent ambiguity of Tourneur's career - Tourneur's cinema is "a cinema of traces," a cinema in which the relations between signifying elements are more important than the units which are being combined. 

Jacques Tourneur is celebrated for such films as Cat People and Out of the Past - this monograph celebrates his career holistically, from his dark, serious noirs to his low-budget B-horror films at RKO.

Edinburgh Film Festival, 1975. VG-

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