by Catherine Lord & Richard Meyer

Art and Queer Culture features work by famous artists such as Andy Warhol and Robert Mapplethorpe alongside that of AIDS activists, lesbian separatists, and pre-Stonewall photographers and scrapbook-keepers who did not regard themselves as artists at all. It traces a spectacular history of queer life and creativity in the modern age, and the rich visual legacy of art's relationship to Queer culture, from the emergence of homosexuality as an identity in the late nineteenth century to the pioneering 'genderqueers' of the early twenty first. Featuring admired artists such as Francis Bacon, Catherine Opie, and Felix Gonzalez-Torres, as well as lesser known but important figures including Vaginal Davis, Celeste Dupuy Spencer, and Lola Flash, and two authoritative essays and insightful and revelatory extended captions.

"One of the most beautiful and comprehensive retrospectives on the impact of queer art throughout history."—OUT Online

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